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Basilisk #2 Review

Cullen Bunn (writer), Jonas Scharf (illustrator) and crew have done it again with Basilisk #2 and my goodness did this issue not disappoint! Let's review it!

If you haven't read my review for the first issue of Basilisk, go read that and then come back because we pick up right after the events of chapter one with chapter two "Blessings Of The Chimera". Remember that evil group that Hannah is out for revenge well we learn that they have are called The Chimera and each member has a unique ability. but before we get into who is in The Chimera, we have to talk about the opening few pages because it definitely continues the brutality that we saw in issue #1. We see innocent people start to eat themselves (yes, they were eating on their own flesh) and the worst part is that they consciously knew they were doing it and couldn't stop it...yikes. We then join Hannah and Regan on the hunt for The Chimera and of course Hannah is questioning Regan on her past and Regan continues to tell Hannah that she does not want to mess with this group but like I stated earlier, revenge is in the air. This book does an excellent job at establishing who is on what side and personally I like that because there is no confusion. In the next few pages we see a few members of The Chimera in a diner and what seems like the youngest of them, Cara, doesn't like being out in the open and thinks they should be elsewhere. However, Jimmy-Boy, thinks they are fine and that Cara should worry because if they do in fact get seen or recognized then they will just have to kill to get away. Cara and Jimmy-boy were waiting for a man named Barret who tells them about Regan and how she has been compromised. We actually lean that The Chimera were the ones who sent The Faithful to liberate Regan but as we know, they were killed. Cara gets as I would call emotional when she learns that Regan killed The Faithful with her eyes and tells Jimmy-Boy that Regan wouldn't turn on then because she is one of them an Jimmy-Boy just laughs and says she WAS one of them. Remember a few sentences ago I mentioned that if they were recognized what would happen? Well, they were unfortunately recognized and well, you can probably guess what happened to the innocent people in the diner. Dead. From eating their own flesh, stabbing a fork up their nose to even diving head first in the fryer...yeah, it was brutal! We then jump to Regan and Hannah at a gas station and while Regan is in the bathroom she looks into the mirror and calls out to a new name, Manny. The two talk about what Hannah has planned and where she is taking them and how she hopes The Chimera follows them. Regan then says to Manny that she is oddly excited to see Vanessa, Jimmy-Boy and Cara, but not Manny. We learn towards the end that Vanessa is the leader of The Chimera, or at least it seems that way by the way the other members talk to her. The best and most shocking part of the issue comes at the end when we see a flashback of when The Chimera are coming down from the mountain and we see Regan's eyes bloodied meaning she has killed people and all of a sudden we see a young child, maybe 5 or 6 as for her parents and when you turn the last page....her eyes are all bloodied and she says she cant see anything.

As I was typing this review, I seriously got chill bumps because each issue gets crazier and crazier, but I still have no idea what will happen and I love that! I can't wait to get more backstory into each members of The Chimera and their powers. I can't wait for issue #3 to drop! Overall, Basilisk #2 gets a 5/5!

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