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Basilisk #3 Review

Back again with another Basilisk from Boom! Studios review written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Jonas Scharf and colored by Alex Guimaraes. This chapter is called "That Taste For Blood" and it is the third issue of Basilisk. Let's review!

I was really looking forward to the issue where we finally get more story and a better visual of The Chimera and issue #3 was just what I was hoping for! We start off by seeing Regan and Hannah plot their plan to get back at The Chimera and they are actually at the location of this plan. I do find it interesting that Hannah knows how deadly this group is but she still wants to get revenge even though she is probably in some serious trouble. I love the fight and the dedication, but c'mon now! Anyway, we get to the The Chimera all together as they go into this gas station/store place to do some talking and shopping. We have Jimmy-Boy, Vanessa, Manny and Cara all there and so far in every issue, when The Chimera are around...so is trouble. Man, I have a love/hate relationship with this group. I know their bad and kill people but they are so cool and have this confidence spewing from them. Vanessa leads them with an iron fist and everyone just follows along with some minor bumps in the road. As the group split up, Cara goes to the play area outside, Jimmy-Boy and Manny go use the restroom and Vanessa shops around, the entire shop gets swarmed by police and helicopters and all sorts of authority figures who all are there for The Chimera. This scene really tells you how evil and bad this group is. I mean, they have a freaking helicopter after them! But like I alluded to earlier, wherever The Chimera goes, trouble is right behind them. Vanessa, Jimmy-Boy, Manny and Cara all go outside to say hello to the police and then all hell breaks loose! Vanessa blows some dust particles at the officers and when the dust hits them, their skin starts to disintegrate. Jimmy-Boy actually gets shot but uses his powers to make the officers eat at themselves and each other. We finally see Manny use his powers as he whistles so loud that it kills the officers. And finally we see Cara use her powers as she makes vines go through the police and kill them. Now, I was excited to see The Chimera more and to see their powers being used, but jeez, this was a crazy and brutal few pages! We jump back to Hannah and Regan in an old run down house as they discuss their plan of action and Regan says something that really stuck out to me. The Chimera like to hurt people, but they leave one person behind on their path of destruction. Someone who can spread the word of them, someone to follow them...to worship them. We leave off with Barret talking to the sole survivor and tells them that The Chimera are Gods and this survivor must serve them!

Yeah, this issue is by far my favorite of the three we've gotten so far! This issue does a great job with continuing the main story while giving you a bit of backstory and character development along the way. I really like the fact that we will, at some point, have Hannah and Regan meet up with The Chimera and that's what I'm looking forward to! "Basilisk #3" from Boom! Studios gets a 5/5!

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