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Basilisk #4 (Spoiler Free Review)

We are back with another early review from Boom! Studios of "Basilisk #4"! This issue comes out September 1st, 2021. Writer Cullen Bunn makes another great issue with Jonas Scharf as the illustrator and Alex Guimaraes colors this issue. Again, shout out to Boom! Studios for letting me read Basilisk #4 early! Let's review!

I'm telling you guys, Basilisk is such a great run and each issue only gets better. Last issue we were left with The Chimera (Vanessa, Jimmy-Boy, Manny, Cara and Barret) causing havoc and killing anyone who stepped in their way as they made their way to Hannah and Regan. This issue does give us some violence but it also is more suspenseful than the past books and even a emotional scene! I really enjoyed scrolling on my computer through the pages and just scooting closer and closer to the edge because it was that exciting! This is a spoiler free review so I won't go into big details, but you can really tell in this issue that Hannah has had this plan for a while now and is eager to make it happen. I am really enjoying this story so far, but I just hope after everything kind of settles we can get more of whoever is still alive! I say that because anyone and possibly everyone could die in this story, I have no idea what will happen and I love that about Basilisk! In past reviews, I hadn't gone into detail about how great of a job Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes do at illustrating and coloring these pages and I want to take a second and talk about it. The art work done in all of these issues really make you feel like what you're reading is what you're seeing and it really is perfect. From emotion on the characters faces to the injuries and wreckage done, it's all over the place! Even the colors used in the issues is great and really pop! I just think these two, Scharf and Guimaraes, do a phenomenal job at really brining these issues alive and as a reader, I appreciate that!

Overall, I enjoyed reading this issue but I still think #3 is my favorite so far. I'm excited for the continuation of this great story and how will the ending be! "Basilisk #4" gets a 4/5!

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