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Basilisk #5

Spoiler Free Review

After waiting for a new issue of "Basilisk" to drop, the day has finally arrived! Issue #5 is here and Cullen Bunn is back as the writer, Jonas Scharf as the illustrator, color done by Alex Guimaraes and lettered by Ed Dukeshire! This story has been a crazy wild ride and I have loved every second of it! Let's review!

You know when a TV show or a movie is a ton of dialogue with some insane moments and then right when it's about to get good, it ends? Well, this is exactly how "Basilisk #5" is and wow I'm ready to see what happens next! I love that each issue has its own pace and everything seems to just flow. The story is still picking up speed and honestly, it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon! This issue really was that calm before the storm kind of feel because the cliffhanger that it leaves off on is a wild one and I have no idea what will go down in the next issue! We still see Regan and Hannah heading to go face off against the rest of The Chimera despite being bruised and battered. I got to give it to Hannah, she's on a mission and even when Regan tells to to slow down or rest, she keeps going and going. I can see how his issue might not be for everyone's liking due to a lack of action or fast paced storytelling, but I really enjoyed it simply because not every issue needs to be a action packed, super quick and rushed story! Let the books play out and see how they end or if they leave you on a cliffhanger, then that only means there is something great on the other side! Also, without spoiling anything, there is a good brutal scene in here and I was not expecting it!

Overall, I think this issue was definitely needed for the overall story. After picking up after issue #4 which was wild, we need a "come down to earth" issue and that is what we got in #5. "Basilisk" is a great run and I cannot wait to see what comes next! "Basilisk #5" gets a 3/5 from me!

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