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Basilisk #6

Writer Cullen Bunn, illustrator Jonas Scharf, colors by Alex Guimaraes and letterer Ed Dukeshire are all back for the continuation of what has been a wild story so far with "Basilisk #6"! After each issue that comes out, I get more and more into the story and where these characters will take me. Boom! Studios brings us some fantastic books, but "Basilisk" has been top tier in my mind. Let's review!

Wow, talk about suspense and on edge! This issue was everything that I wanted from this story and from these characters. We get to see The Chimera on the defense which we hadn't seen yet and we finally get to see Hannah and Regan strategize to catch the enemy off guard. Another part of this issue that I really enjoyed was seeing a snippet of Hannah's past which could be setting up to something, but we only saw a few flashback moments. Hannah is on a mission and you can really tell that she will do whatever it takes to eliminate The Chimera, even if that means she will die. Regan on the other hand will help but thinks there is another way of going about this and killing is not it. I also found it creepy that in one panel in this issue, Jimmy-Boy finds a woman who was hiding from the group and Vanessa actually calls her group "angels" and even boops the woman on the nose. Whenever I see The Chimera, I just get this sense that they will do whatever they must to fulfill their mission and they don't have a care in the world about how it gets done. I still am curious how Regan escaped and changed her mind about all of this or if she is defective in a way. After Hannah shoots Vanessa, all hell breaks loose and the battle has started but The Chimera cannot find where Hannah is. Finally they spot her and set their sights on her and away from Regan, but you knew it wasn't going to be easy because all of a sudden The Faithful arrive and go for Hannah and Regan. The two escape but now Jimmy-Boy is following them and wants them dead!

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue of "Basilisk"! The issue had everything from suspense to action and everything in between. I'm excited to find out what happens next and what will happen to Hannah as she seems to be the one that everyone is after! "Basilisk #6" gets a 4.5/5 from me!

*Shoutout to Boom! Studio for sending me this issue!

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