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Dark Ages #1 Review

I am so excited that this book has finally dropped because it's been one that I have been waiting for! "Dark Ages #1" is written by Tom Taylor, art work is done by Iban Coello and the color artist is Brain Reber and this book is from Marvel. This book was one that when I saw the cover, I had to get and review so with that being said, let's review!

I knew this book was going to be good but I honestly was not ready for the events that played out in this book. If you know me then you know I love when characters are interacting and teaming up with one another because let's be real, they all know each other so why not have them interact and such. I'm talking an abundance of characters like: Spider-Man, MJ, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Lunella Lafayette (Moon Girl), Prof. X, Jean Grey, The Runaways, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four and much more but you get the jist. I cannot explain how much I love that we get to see all these characters all in one issue and I assume we will see them in the rest. The story that we read is being told to all these Marvel characters by Uatu The Watcher ,yes the same one we are seeing in the "What If..?" series on Disney+, and he tells them that the earth has hours before it comes to an end. Just casually dropping a bombshell like that is shocking to me but probably not to the heroes we know and love, really it's just another day at the office. Apparently there was a fight between a living machine called The Unmaker and The Living Tribunal in which The Unmaker lost and was put at the center of a rock which became earth and now, billions of years later, he has gained enough power and is destroying the earth. Could you imagine that fight...I mean we get to see The Living Tribunal wipe out The Unmaker but I honestly would've loved to see the entire fight play out! We see a strike team get put together to go stop The Unmaker at earths core and that team consisted of The Vision, The Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Invisible Woman, and The Thing...see, I told you there was a ton of characters in this one book! The strike team goes down but only to find the true power of The Unmaker as they do win and stop the machine but not without some casualties during the fight. Before his death, Doctor Strange opened a portal to a dimension where no electricity could function and that was how they defeated The Unmaker, but Dr. Strange died before he could close the portal meaning the earth that we know was left with no electricity which caused a number of terrible things to happen. We end the issue with Spider-Man telling a group about this epic event and how that kick started the apocalypse!

I probably will read this issue over and over because it is so good. I highly recommend that you pick this book up, add it to your pull list and stay up to date on when new issue come out because it's that good! I honestly had no issues with it and I cannot wait for issue #2 to drop! To no ones surprise, "Dark Ages #1" gets a 5/5!

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