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Dark Ages #2

After reading the first issue, I was so excited for issue #2 to drop and well, here we are! We bring back the same crew who worked on the first issue as Tom Taylor is the writer, Iban Coello is the artist, and the color artist is Brian Reber! From the events that transpired in issue #1, let's find out what happens in "Dark Ages #2"!

So wow...this issue was a rollercoaster of a ride! We basically start out by seeing the world learning how to move on without power and electricity and kind of picking themselves up after the destruction caused by the Unmaker and Doctor Strange's E.M.P. After reading the last issue, I was curious as to how the world that has normal people and super people would work together and I found that out really early on in issue #2. You had characters like Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool and others try to tell the world that fighting is not the way to go about it and how "there's another way". Another thing that was super cool was how all the telepath's would "check in" with one another in different locations. For example, Professor Xavier was in Brazil and using his powers to connect with people in Australia, Nepal and the center of the new worlds capital Wakanda! There, we get to see some of the greatest minds work together and figure out a solution to this terrible problem they have. These great minds are: Lunella Lafayette, Shuri, Tony Stark, Valeria Richards, T'Challa, Nadia Van Dyne, Amadeus Cho and last but definitely not least, Victor Von Doom. Can you imagine all those people in one room just saying random words that to them make perfect sense but to a normal person is jibberish...no..just me? But while Wakanda is a safe place, it does have its intruders and with intruders comes protection. This protection is in the form of the "spider people" spinning webs and when one gets tripped, they know danger is here or an intruder. When the webs are tripped, it will notify Daredevil who is on watch with Foggy Nelson or Wolverine (X-23) will have her crew ready. Her crew is Blade, Honey Badger (Gabby Kinney), and Elsa Bloodstone. After the intruders are taken care of, we see Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in Stark's cave working on things until one of the intruders makes their presences. Tony and Pepper are saved by Steve Rodgers aka Captain America! Steve tells Tony they need to talk about the future and how Tony can help so they take a walk into the forest. This portion of the comic felt a little dark and eerie but it was Steve Rodgers, nothing can go wrong!... I was totally wrong because it turns out that "Steve" was actually Mystique and led Tony to the big bad named Apocalypse! The big bad takes Stark to Europe where he has built his base and where is making a magnet to absorb the E.M.P. and to evolve as he says. Now I know you're wondering how he is using a magnet that big...well, it's not really a magnet but more of a person. That's right, Apocalypse has Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto as his magnet. I forgot to mention that he also has Riri Williams and Reed Richards helping him but not by choice. No, he has Killgrave to mind control them and that's what he is planning to do with Stark.

After typing that, I get goosebumps because this run is so good! We are only on issue #2 of 6 and it's one of my favorite runs so far! I love the post apocalyptic vibes that we get and how we see so many characters interact oh and also that even though the world is going through some major stuff, there are still evil people who want to make it their own! Overall, "Dark Ages #2" is another fantastic read and gets a 5/5!

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