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Dark Ages #3

I have been so backed up with doing reviews but I am finally back and what a great book to start back with! "Dark Ages #3" written by the great Tom Taylor, Iban Coello as the artist, and VC's Joe Sabino as the letterer. This run has been a crazy ride and issue #3 just furthers the craziness! Let's review!

Oh man...if you thought that issue #2 is crazy when Tony Stark gets taken by Apocalypse or even when you find out that Magneto is captured then issue #3 makes your jaw drop! We start this issue off by the good guys learning that Stark has been taken by Apocalypse and they need to rescue him ASAP! King T'Challa sends Quicksilver to run in and run out and deliver what he saw to the team so they can be ready for the fight, but Quicksilver finds himself being stopped in his tracks. As the speedster quickly runs in the lair, he sees his own father strapped in a machine and being forced to use his power against the E.M.P. I honestly do not fault Pietro one bit because I would've stopped myself and gotten emotional as well. After the bad guys find Quicksilver and capture him, Apocalypse does something that honestly is a genius idea and he has Killgrave mind control him into going back to Wakanda and causing havoc. Playing checkers, not chess! As Pietro speeds back, he snaps and kills...yes, Quicksilver kills some of our beloved characters like Okoye and Johnny Storm. Yes, the Human Torch and T'Challa's #1 guard are now dead, but if Jean Grey hadn't stopped Pietro it could've been more. After Johnny's death, Sue Storm saves everyone as Johnny bursts into flames as he fades away but she also gets the worst news when Quicksilver wakes up. The news she hears is that along with Tony Stark, Doc Ock, Riri Williams and Hank McCoy, Reed and Franklin Richards are with them and they are helping Apocalypse in his evil plan! If that wasn't enough, we leave off with Apocalypse talking to Miles Morales who is possessed by the Venom and Carnage symbiotes!

Overall, I am really enjoying this run and find the story very interesting. We are seeing these characters in a very different and difficult situation. How will the good guys win this time and who else will perish by the hands of Apocalypse?! "Dark Ages #3" gets a 4/5 from me!

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