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Dark Blood #1 Review

Phew, this book caught me by surprise big time! I honestly was not expecting this book to leave me speechless and wanting more all at the same time. Written and created by Latoya Morgan and illustrated by Walt Barna, "Dark Blood #1" from Boom! Studios is what we are reviewing today. Let's get into it!

To start this review off, the cover may seem like Dark Blood is a cartoon style book that deal with the average white American family right? WRONG! This book is so hard hitting and it had my eyes wide open once I started reading it. We follow Avery Aldridge, or Double A as he was called with is time in the Army, as he is trying to live his life as a normal person. I think it's important to point out that Avery is an African American living in Alabama in the 1950's...just let that sink in for a second. Latoya Morgan does a great job at really illustrating how it is to be black in the south around that time because Avery gets meets racisms face to face in the back ally of a diner. I normally don't get uncomfortable when I read comics or watch movies, but this confrontation really made me squirm and it honestly is something that still goes on in America today which is a sad thing. But things get real interesting in the ally way as we learn that Avery has powers and uses them to get the racist away. This scene actually made me cheer out loud and made me smile and I love that! The racist gets away until he ultimately gets hit by a car and gets killed and I had a soft smile because dude was a terrible person and he didn't look both way...shame. "Dark Blood #1" is a short book and that is my only real complaint about it. I wish it were maybe a few more pages long, but storyline wise it hit and made me want more! I would recommend this book to anyone but I would also warn them about this tones of it and how it really grabs your attention!

Overall, I think this book was great. Besides the length, Latoya Morgan and company really did a great job at grabbing my attention and leaving me wanting more! "Dark Blood #1" gets a 4/5!

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