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Dark Blood #3

Spoiler Free Review

I cannot express how happy I am that "Dark Blood #3" is being released on September 22nd and that I was able to read the issue early! Boom Studios is awesome and kind enough for allowing me to read and review this issue! Latoya Morgan is the writer, Moises Hidalgo as the illustrator, color done by A.H.G., and the letterer is done by Andworld Design. The first two issue were crazy and I loved them so let's review #3!

I really think these issue get more and more emotional as they go on because man did this book make me feel all sorts of ways! We basically pick up right after issue #2 where Avery is on the run after the man he was chasing gets hit with a car and even though Avery didn't do it, the blame is on him. I really feel for Avery in this story because he get's treated so bad when he does nothing to deserve it! He has a wife and a child, he works at a diner and does what he's supposed to do and he just so happens to have powers that we have yet to know if he can fully control or not. I said earlier that this issue was so powerful and emotional because of just the way things went down with Avery and his family. This is a spoiler free review, but I promise you that once you read this issue on September 22nd, you'll fully understand why I got emotional. The only knock I will say about this issue is that we still have yet to see the full potential of Avery and what he can really do, but that goes with saying that I have a feeling we will see very soon what those powers can do!

Overall, this issue was very emotional and heart wrenching and that's ok. I do wish we saw some action, but it doesn't hurt the story or the character development. Again, huge thank you to Boom Studios for letting me read and review this issue! "Dark Blood #3" gets a 4/5!

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