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Dark Blood #4

Spoiler Free Review

We are back with another review from Boom Studios and as you read the title, we are reviewing "Dark Blood #4". A huge shoutout to Boom Studios for allowing me to read and review this issue before it releases on October 27th. This book is written by Latoya Morgan, illustrated by Moises Hidalgo, colored by A.H.G. and lettered by Andworld Design. We are coming up on the end of this run and I cannot wait to see what happens next! Let's review!

"Dark Blood" has been a run that I was hooked on after reading the first book and I can say with confidence that you should definitely read this. No only is the story great but the characters are also so easy to love and cheer for. We saw in the last issue that Avery is on the run from the police because he is being accused of killing a man and after searching through Avery's house and talking to his wife, they flee to his brothers house to see if he went there. I wont be sharing any spoilers because issue #4 actually releases on October 27th so make sure you pick up this issue then, but what I will say is that we are getting so close to finding out some answers about Avery and his powers! Some things that I think are great about this issue is the backstory we get and how impactful it is and will become. I will say that I kind of wished this issue was longer because I wanted more from it and with there only being six issues, we need to find out some stuff soon! I think that the artwork along with the color work is fantastic in not only this issue but in the entire run as well. I can't wait to pick this issue up soon and I can't wait for the remaining issues to drop!

Overall, I thought this issue was a good one. I wish it were longer, but it does help knowing that with only two issues left, the finale is going to be crazy! "Dark Blood #4" gets a 4/5!

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