• Jt Forrester

Dark Blood #5

We are so close to the finale of "Dark Blood" written by LaToya Morgan with Moises Hidalgo as the illustrator, A.H.G. with the color and Andworld Design as the letterer. I have been hooked on this run since the beginning and Boom! Studios has a great book on their hands! Thank you to Boom! Studios for allowing me to read and review "Dark Blood #5"! Let's review!

This was the issue of "Dark Blood" that I have been waiting for! I can't begin to explain how great it was to finally see Avery use his powers and we get to see and hear why and how he got them. I think another part of this issue that I really enjoyed was the fact that we got to see Avery for a few moments be happy and smiling. He's really been through a lot in this run and to finally see him happy was a great thing! I felt that once we saw the doctor inject that serum into him, something was going to turn south and boy did it ever! I'm in this weird mood with "Dark Blood" because it's been such a great run so far and I love it but I'm also really sad that we only have one issue left! Issue #5 was that perfect set up to what I believe will be a great final issue and I can't wait to see what happens next! This issue really had everything that I have been asking for and it even gave me more with the emotional moments and awesome action! LaToya Morgan and crew have done such a fantastic job and issue #5 was a great way to set up the finale!

Overall, "Dark Blood #5" was the issue that I had been waiting for and it did not disappoint! I really enjoyed this issue and even though I am sad that we are almost done with the run, I know that next issue will be so good! "Dark Blood #5" gets a 5/5 from me!

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