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Deadpool: Black, White and Blood #1 review!

Welcome to another comic book review from Jt! Today we are reviewing Deadpool: Black, White and Blood #1! If you have read the Carnage: Black, White and Blood run, then you know that in each issue you will be reading 3 short stories. The stories in this issue are: "Red All Over" written by Tom Taylor, "Hotline To Heaven" written by Ed Brisson and finally "Born In The Uszorsusr" written by James Stokoe. I won't review all three individually, instead I will give my review on the book as a whole! Let's begin!

I don't know about you but any time I read or see dialogue from Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, I instantly hear Ryan Reynolds' voice saying the line, and that's a wonderful thing! I will be honest though, I actually wasn't going to pick this book up because I just didn't grab my attention right away. I picked it up in my local comic book shop and read the first two pages and next thing I knew I was checking out with the book in my bag. Each short story is a funny, entertaining and great read. It wouldn't be a Deadpool book if there wasn't any hilarious humor or many fourth-wall breaks but there definitely is in each story. We get to see Deadpool interact with several different characters and that's something that I always enjoy in not just the book, but with comics in general! I was really glad I picked this issue up and read it because it's a great book and I highly suggest you read it! I will say that my favorite story in the book was "Hotline To Heaven" simply because I have felt the exact same way as Deadpool did at the end of it! Another positive about this book was the artwork! Phil Noto (artist for "Red All Over"), Whilce Portacio (artist for "Hotline To Heaven"), and James Stokoe (artist for "Born In The Uszorsusr") all did a phenomenal job!

This book is great and again, I am do glad I picked it up to read! Issue #2 will release on 9/1/21 and I will definitely be picking that up! "Deadpool: Black, White and Blood" gets a 4.5/5!

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