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Deadpool: Black, White and Blood #2 review

Finally we are back with issue #2 of "Deadpool: Black, White and Blood"! Last issue was a really fun read and his one was just the same! Like issue #1, we have three stories in this one book and they are: "Purple Craze" written by David and Maria Lapham and art done by Pete Woods, "Deadpool Party" written by Karla Pacheco with art done by Leonard Kirk and last but not least, "Pool of Death??" written and art done by Daniel Warren Johnson. Each story was unique and fun, but again like issue #1 review I will review the book as a whole and not the individual stories. Let's review!

This run of stories and issues have really made me laugh and feel good. Deadpool is obviously this goofy, witty and funny character that loves to break the fourth wall. In movies, it's great but I truly find it better when that wall is broken in comics simply because I feel like the writer is talking directly to me. I especially felt that in "Deadpool Party" where Deadpool was telling the reader all about the plot and what's gonna happen in the story. Then you get into the emotional/real aspect of this book in "Pool of Death??" as you get to see the writer is struggling to come up with a new and unique Deadpool story. All these stories are wild and funny, but to me the most wild is "Purple Craze" as Deadpool is under the control of Killgrave to kill Daredevil. I also need to point out that the art work in each story is amazing and makes the pages pop! Each story represented the colors on the title, black, white and blood! Each issue bring something different to the table and that's another aspect I really enjoy. The one negative I would give is that each story is really short and I wish they were longer because I start to really get into them! If you can find comic that makes you laugh out loud, talk out loud and even freak out then you've found a great book and that's exactly what this issue did for me!

Overall, this issue was great and the stories were fantastic. I would say my favorite would have to be "Pool of Death??" simply because we got to see the more emotional and real side of the writer and of Deadpool! "Deadpool: Black, White and Blood #2" gets a 4.5/5!

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