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Deadpool: Black, White and Red #3

Wade Wilson is back with another three story book in "Deadpool: Black, White and Red #3" and this issue did not disappoint! The three stories that we have in this book are: "The Worst Convent In The World" written by Jay Baruchel, art done by Paco Medina and letterer is VC's Joe Sabino. "The Bet" written by Frank Tieri, art done by Takashi Okazaki and letterer done by VC'S Joe Sabino. "The Perfect Ones" as Stan Sakai is the writer, artist and letterer. Let's review!

I honestly think that this run has been the funniest comics I've read in a long time and that's a great thing! Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is supposed to be that comical killer that will crack a joke as he is cutting your head off which from the readers stand point, it's pretty funny. I cant seem to pick my favorite story from this issue simply because I really enjoyed them all! If Deadpool held a gun to my head and told me to pick then I'd have to go with "The Worst Convent In The World" and I can give my answer in one word and that penguin. If you're confused, go read the book and it'll all make sense!

All these stories had great artwork which is amazing to me because they all are done by three different artists! Each story felt real and the art made the characters in it have personality which is tough to do! Huge shout out to all three writers for some outstanding work!

I can't really comment on the color because it's all black, white and red so it doesn't have that splash of blue or green in them, but something about mixing black, white and red together is visually appeasing.

Overall, I think this is now my favorite issue of this run. I had fun reading it and had a great laugh in each story! "Deadpool: Black, White and Red #3" gets a 5/5!

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