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Eat the Rich #1 Review

Spoiler Free Review

Before we start this review, I need to give a huge thanks to Boom! Studios for sending me this new book to review before it hits the selves (August 18th). Eat the Rich #1 is written and created by Sarah Gailey, illustrated by Pius Bak and colored by Roman Titov. Again, huge thanks to Boom! Studios, but let's get into it!

I'm an honest man and to say that I was excited to read this would be an understatement because when I saw the name of his book, I immediately sat up, turned the TV off and started to read. Gailey does a fantastic job at making me go back and remember when I met my now fiancé's family and how nervous I was! I honestly think she was targeting me personally with Eat the Rich because I also stopped drinking a few years back and so did one of the main characters in this book, how strange.

Joking aside, I really enjoyed this book because of all the twist and turns it has in it! I mean it goes from nice and heartfelt to OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED! I can also say that I was not expecting this issue to be so brutal and intense....but I loved it. I really hope we get more of that in the issues to come because seeing the scenes play out on each panel was fantastic and I can thank Bak for that one! When you get to know these characters and, especially for me, feel so connected with them you want them to figure things out and solve whatever is going on! I actually found myself talking to the characters in the book, is that normal? Oh well!

I really have no issues with this first issue. I will say that at times it felt like it was dragging but then one of those twists came and I was reeled back in and ended up being satisfied by the end of it. I highly recommend this book for those who are intrigued by mystery and twists. Eat the Rich makes you feel like Gailey is actually talking about you and therefore you feel immersed in the pages.

Overall, Eat the Rich is a good book and I highly recommend it. Eat the Rich #1 gets a 4/5!

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