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Eat the Rich #3

Spoiler Free Review

Before I start this review, I would like to thank Boom! Studios for allowing me to read "Eat the Rich #3" before it releases on October 20th. Written by Sarah Gailey, illustrated by Pius Bak, colored by Roman Titov and lettered by Cardinal Rae, "Eat the Rich" has been a mysterious thriller and I loved the first two issues! I hope we get to find out what the heck is going on with this crazy family we've been following! Let's review!

Wow. Just when I thought we'd be getting a nice and easy backstory to everything that has transpired in the last two issues, Sarah throws a wild curve ball at us! The past two issues have really been about finding the answers and figuring out what's going on in Crestfall Bluffs with Joey and her situation. Joey did the investigation and asked the right questions but the answers she got really shocked me! We actually continue right where we left off in issue #2 with Astor's mom confronting her and we finally get to hear a little bit of the history of Crestfall Bluffs. I really enjoyed that with this issue and the fact we get to go back to a time where things began and we also get to go a bit in the future with Joey as well. The story is probably the best thing about this run because you think you have it figured out but then out of nowhere a twist or a turn happens and you're back at the beginning. I also think the small details in the artwork is fantastic and the colors make everything flow. I hope we get more of Astor in the coming issues because I feel like he plays a pivotal role in this. That is actually my only small issue is that we have been so set on Joey and her story that it goes away from the son of the crazy family! I do think that we'll see more of Astor though so I'm ok with the small read time so far.

Overall, I really liked issue #3. I'm loving the story that Sarah Gailey is telling and how the mystery and suspense can be felt in a book! "Eat the Rich #3" gets a 4.5/5!

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