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Eat the Rich #4

Spoiler Free Review

Back with another thriller and suspenseful issue of "Eat the Rich" as we are now on issue #4! Sarah Gailey has written such a great run so far along side Pius Bak as the illustrator, Roman Titov as the colorist and Cardinal Rae as the letterer. I have loved the previous issues and cannot wait for what's next! Huge thank you to Boom! Studios for sending me this issue early as it will be released on November 17th so make sure you pick up your copy then! Let's review!

Wow. This issue did not disappoint at all! For me, I really enjoyed the twists that each issue has given us. From Joey finding out about Astor's family tradition to hearing it straight from the mothers mouth, it's been loaded with all sorts of turns! With all that being said, the twists we get in this issue were wild and I loved them! When I finished reading, I thought to my self "I don't know what I would do if I were in Joey's shoes" and that really holds true. This mess that she's in is something that you read or see in a horror movie or book and I really like that Sarah Gailey has made it into a comic run. She also does a great job at leaving off with crazy cliffhangers and it makes me smirk every time! If you're into suspenseful and thriller type books then I seriously recommend this book for you!

I honestly have no complaints about this issue at all. I really enjoyed it and whenever issue #5 drops, I will definitely be picking it up and reviewing it! I also wanted to say that I think the rest of the team that work with Sarah on this book do a phenomenal job, so shoutout to Pius, Roman and Cardinal!

Overall, I think it's safe to say that this is my favorite issue of "Eat the Rich" and I'm so excited for issue #5! "Eat the Rich #4" gets a 5/5!

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