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Eat the Rich #5

Spoiler Free Review

We are finally here at the finale of such a great run and even though I am excited to see what comes next in this story, I am sad that it will be over after this issue. From Boom! Studios and written by Sarah Gailey, illustrated by Pius Bak, colored by Roman Titov and lettered by Cardinal Rae, "Eat the Rich" has been one of m favorite comic runs in the last portion of 2021! Let's finish this off with a bang! Let's review.

So this issue was...something else! I honestly did not see that coming nor was I expecting it! While reading this entire run, I thought it would end in a heroic fashion or with the police or FBI showing up because you know...people are eating other people. I read this issue twice and was shocked each time by different moments. The way this issue and story ended was that fantastic twist that Sarah has been giving us during this entire run and I loved it! When you read this final issue, I would honestly say go in with an empty mind and let the comic and characters tell the story. If you think you know how things will go, you'll be very surprised at how they really end. After reading all five issues of "Eat the Rich", I can say that this run has been one of my favorites of this year and I really need to give a shoutout to Gailey, Bak, Titov and Rae because they worked so hard to give us this fantastic comic! I would also like to give a shoutout to Boom! Studios for allowing me to read all these issues before they drop in local comic shops.

Overall, this issue alone was my absolute favorite and with all the twists and turns it had, I was left speechless on many occasions. The entire run was fantastic and had some very unexpected moments in it! "Eat the Rich #5" gets a 5/5 from me!

*Eat the Rich #5 releases on December 22nd, 2021!

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