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Kang the Conqueror #2

Back at it again with another review from Marvel Comics and this time its the second issue of "Kang the Conqueror". This issue is titled "Only Myself Left to Conquer" and it's written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, Carlos Magno is the artist, Espen Grundetjern is the color artist and Joe Caramagna is the letterer. After reading issue #1 and leaving off with that crazy ending, we continue our story so let's review!

This issue continues the story of Nathaniel as he ends up in Egypt at the door steps of the pharaoh Rama-Tut! I still am getting used to this whole time thing and how it works and it might take a while for me to understand it, but I'm getting there! Nathaniel fights off guards until her gets captured by one of them but gets saved by a mysterious hooded figure. This figure looks very familiar with a few symbols on the chest and the armor that is used, but you'll find out soon who this person is. Nathaniel and the hooded figure travel to an ancient ruin where we, along with Nathaniel, learn that the hooded figure is none other than Ravonna aka the Moon Knight! I freaked out when I read this page and just said wow a lot! I'm actually in the middle of reading "Moon Knight" by Jed Mackay so seeing another adaptation or variant appear is pretty cool. Ravonna tells Nathaniel to speak his mind and truth to Khonshu and so he does and whilst doing so, he wants his revenge on Kang so he forms Iron around himself as armor and becomes Iron Lad. Now, they never call him that in this issue but if you know, you know. Nathaniel and Ravonna go around and take down Rama-Tut's men and eventually share a kill, but the words of Kang are still in Nathaniel's head saying "Never Love". The two are captured by Rama-Tut and long story short is that Ravonna gets killed and Nathaniel gets captured as a warrior slave for Rama-Tut to fight in his war against En Sabah Nur..yeah.. another if you know, you know moment! As the war ended, Nathaniel still vowed for revenge on Kang and so he crawls and crawls until out of the sky he sees a team of four unique heroes come from the sky to take down Rama-Tut. Nathaniel eventually understands what he must do to take down Kang and that is to side with the one and only Apocalypse!

Wow. This issue was jam packed with awesome details and great art work. I loved that we see the interaction with Rama-Tut and Nathaniel and how both know who each other are even though they are lightyears apart from one another. The surprise of Ravonna aka Moon Knight was super awesome and I loved that! Overall, this is starting to become of of my favorites to read and I can't wait for issue #3! "Kang the Conqueror #3" gets a 5/5!

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