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Kang The Conqueror #3

The time traveling conqueror is back with "Kang The Conqueror #3" and this issue is long overdue for a review! Besides the story inside the book, the cover art is awesome and looks great! Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly continue to write a great story, Carlos Magno is the artist, VC's Joe Caramagna is the letterer and that great cover art is done by Mike Del Mundo. Let's review!

In what could be one of the best issues in this run, Kang returns to his time traveling mission rule how he wants and that means getting into a coffin and going into a time where the Avengers were fighting a mysterious UFO. Now, this part may get confusing so stay with me...the Kang we've been following knows that the UFO the Avengers are fighting is actually himself and since he wants to change how things are done, he enters the UFO and confronts the other Kang! The other Kang asks the questions you would assume until he realizes that he is speaking to himself in a way and doesn't like it. The two Kangs argue until all of a sudden Victor Von Doom enters the chat and now it's a triple threat match! The two Kangs kind of team up to fight Doom after they realize he is just too strong. Once the two Kangs defeat Doom, our Kang turns on the other and kills him because as Doom says "Kang cannot be trusted". Our Kang returns to where his love, Ravonna first dies and changes that by becoming Rama-Tut and setting her free but of course things don't go his way and the Fantastic Four arrive and make him flee to a time that he does not know of and when he awakens from his travel, a hand is reaching out. As he looks up to see who could be reaching out, he sees Ravonna but a different version of her. The place he has landed is an atomic wasteland that is one thousand years before his own fixed timeline.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue and the story is starting to get really really good! The Kang we are following is a boy on a mission to be with someone he loves but he keeps getting interrupted by this or that and honestly, you feel for him! Another thing I enjoyed from this issue is the triple threat fight we get, Doom vs Kang vs Kang is a fight I would pay for! I think this is my favorite issue so far so it gets a 5/5 from me!

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