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Ninjak #1 review

Today I will be reviewing and talking about "Ninjak #1" from Valiant Entertainment! Ninjak is written by Jeff Parker and art is done by Javier Pulido. Let me start off by saying I am very new to Valant Entertainment and I was told my a ton of people to read their books and here we are. Oh, and we just got put of their press release list, so huge shout out to Valiant Entertainment! Let's review!

I would like to thank those people who told me to read Ninjak because WOW this book is something else! I felt that covert assassin vibe with it, but I also felt the rouge spy vibe as well. this book was all over the place and even though I didn't know anything about the character or the comic, I learned it all in this one issue. Part one of this run is called "Daylight" and we are figuring out the basic storyline of this book. We learn about Ninjak aka Colin King and how he is the worlds greatest superspy that is on his own missions now. King is a a coldblooded killer and this issue shows that as he goes around and just wrecks people! In just a few pages he wipes out a group of about 10 plus people and does it with ease. I actually found myself cheering him on and gravitating towards his story and him as a character. We learn along the way that a spy by the name of Myna who is tracking and Ninjak everywhere he goes, but of course he knows that. Ninjak and Myna worked "together" at MI-6 which ends up getting hacked and all of their spies get their true identity revealed! I have to say that was was wild! In different panels that take us to different locations, these now known spies get killed by people and it's just crazy! Myna gets revealed and is on the run but she stumbles and two dudes approach her to kill her until...Ninjak comes to the rescue! This scene was crazy because Ninjak kills one guy and tells Myna to kick the other as hard as she can in the nose to kill him and she does it. Myna and King are headed to London by train until the they crash and are greeted by what I can tell are monsters.

Wow.. just typing that got me excited for issue #2! I am thrilled that I picked this book up in stores. However, my one complaint is, and maybe it's because I'm not used to this type of style, but the coloring throws me off a bit with some darker to lighter panels. I'm assuming that I'll get used to in future issues but from the start, it' a bit distracting. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the story is nota complex one which is nice. "Ninjak #1" gets a 4/5!

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