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Ninjak #2 Review

Back at it again with another Valiant Entertainment review! I jumped on the hype train last week of Ninjak and here I am reviewing issue #2! Written by Jeff Parker and art is done by Javier Pulido, this book got me hyped for future issues and now that issue #2 is out, let's review! Before we start, another shoutout to Valiant Entertainment for sending me this issue!

In my last review of "Ninjak #1", I was fully introduced to the hype around this title and it did not disappoint! Now, issue #2 is great and had a bit of action, comedy and Ninjak just being a beast but I do has some minor complaints but let's talk about this book. We continue with Myna and Ninjak after the train crash they were in and we find out that the three monster looking things were in fact trying to hunt him down and Myna would be a bonus for them. I actually laughed at when Ninjak found out their names which are: Gale, Giant, and Growler. Each have different unique powers like Gale has elemental-powers, Giant is a metal giant and just like any other huge character he is super strong, and then Growler was an experiment where multiple animal genes were spliced into one and he has super speed and rapid cellular recovery. I did enjoy in one of the panels in this issue it had a computer looking screen up with all three villains on their and it told us a short backstory of them, a very nice touch. Ninjak defeats Gale and Giant but Growler gets away. The way the two were defeated was actually really smart and cool. Gale chased Ninjak into a electrical current where he threw a live wire at her that stunned her. Ninjak lunged towards her and chopped her hands clean off! That was a really smart move, something a trained assassin/spy would do. Next is the defeat of Giant which was weird but hey, it is what it is. Giant takes capture of Myna and tells Ninjak that he either turns himself in or the girl dies. Ninjak tells Myna in their earpiece to throw a pill into Giant's mouth when he opens up and that's exactly what she did. What was the pill you may be asking, well it was mini-charges that detonate when they get warm and before she threw the charges she threw another pill that eats through metal. I felt like I was in science class when that scene happened. Now, the issue could've ended after that but they continue with how the MI-6 got leaked and that storyline. I honestly don't care for this story, but I do get why they need to continue with it. The next time we see Ninjak and Myna was when they were flying a stolen airplane heading to find Neville Alcott in a mysterious island. Myna sees troopers and what does Ninjak do? He just casually jumps out of the airplane with a line attached to it. This dude is crazy!

On to what I didn't like. I think this issue fell into the category of "we need to cram two stories into one book" when they didn't need to. I felt like after the fight with the three villains the story could've gone to them stealing the plane and then heading to Alcott. Then in issue #3, they focus more on the MI-6 storyline. I understand that all of this is connected and I know that have a certain amount of issue to publish, but this one felt a little long. I also am still getting used to the artwork but Pulido's work is slowly growing on me!

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. It's a great story and I like the character Ninjak. I think I enjoyed issue #1 a little better, but it was still good! "Ninjak #2" gets a 3.5/5!

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