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Ninjak #3 Review

Spoiler Free Review.

Valiant Entertainment dropping another "Ninjak" issue written by Jeff Parker and art is done by Javier Pulido and after the first two issues, I'm definitely excited to read #3! The first two issues were exciting and crazy and you can check out my reviews on those on the home page but without further ado, let's review!

We continue the story of Myna and Ninjak heading to Neville Alcott's home to find him and figure out some things. This issue isn't like the others as we get a more informational issue with #3. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and like that we see a more grounded issue because truthfully we needed that with how the story has gone, but with Ninjak we need to see action and brutality which this issue had almost none in it. I will day that we did have some trippy panels in this book and the colors and art work are starting to settle down for me, which is good! I really enjoyed furthering this already wild story that we have and seeing what's truly going on and what Ninjak and Myna are going to do next. I think issue #3 does a great job at explaining things and showing us as the readers what's happening in the storyline, which the previous issue do but not to the level as #3. I sill believe that issue #1 is my favorite, but this one is the best at furthering the story.

Overall, I enjoyed this issue and I'm glad we are furthering the story of Ninjak and his mission, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the action in it. "Ninjak #3" gets a 3.5/5!

*Issue #3 is sold on September 15th!

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