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Ninjak #4

Spoiler Free Review

Finally we are back with "Ninjak #4" from Valiant Entertainment and I am so excited for it! Before we get into my review, let's run down the list of awesome people who made this issue possible! Jeff Parker is the writer, Beni Lobel and Javier Pulido tag team the art, Andrew Dalhouse does the colors and the letterer is done by Dave Sharpe. Issue #4 comes out Wednesday October 13th so make sure you pick up your copy then! Let's review!

Before I give my thoughts, I would like to give a shoutout to Valiant Entertainment for allowing me to read and review this issue before it hits the comic shops!

On to the review and what an issue! I have really enjoyed this run and if you go back and read my reviews of issues 1-3, I have said that my only issues I had were the colors take bit to get used to and sometimes the issues go back and forth with a lot of action to hardly any. Issue #4 doesn't have any action really but it sets up so much for the remaining storyline and that's really what I wanted to see. The mind games that are starting to take place really intrigue me and it seems like we might get more. The colors like I mentioned earlier have settled in and I enjoy the style and the use of them. I don't really think I have any issues with this issue at all to be honest. It furthers the story and leaves off on a cliffhanger, the main villain is established and the motive is there, and we know that Ninjak is a beast so that's always a plus! I think the future issues will continually get better and better which is good but if I could recommend one thing, I would say more action because what we saw in issue #1 was fantastic and we've kind of gone away from that!

Overall, I really enjoyed issue #4 and it was a good read. I didn't get lost in the story nor did I get blinded by the colors. I think this issue did a really great job at furthering the already wild story and I cant wait for the remaining issues! "Ninjak #4" gets a 4.5/5!

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