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Stealth Hammer #1

I love when I have people come to me and ask for me to read and review their work because of two reasons: A- I want to show so many people the amazing work that some of these people do and B- I LOVE COMICS! So before we get into this review, I would like to give a huge shoutout to Jami Drost for reaching out to me and sending me her husbands work titled "Stealth Hammer"! This book is an all-ages comic where the main character learns about her legacy in a world filled with high-tech gadgetry and supernatural mythology! "Stealth Hammer" has two stories in it with the first being "This Is How the Story Begins" which is created/written by Ryan Drost, artist is Joel Jackson, colorist is Ross Hughes and letterer is Dave Sharpe and then "Adversity is Necessary" written/created by Ryan Drost, and the artist/colorist/letterer is Alexandra Scott! Again, huge thank you to Jami for sending me "Stealth Hammer #1" for me to read and review!

First we'll start with "This Is How the Story Begins".

When you read comics, at least when I do, I try to see how connected I can be with the main character or the main group of the story and I felt that connection with Jami in this book! I really enjoyed this book for many reasons but my main one was that I loved the pacing of the story. I didn't get lulled to sleep or so bored that I reread the same sentence five different times, no I really liked how we are introduced to Jami Taylor, her boyfriend Kyle and Dr. Everett Taylor and we are immediately in the plot! Another thing that I thought was different but in a good way was the artwork. This comic is for all ages and with it's cartoon style feel to it, I can easily see how anyone can read this issue and have no problems with it! The storytelling was also another plus in my eyes because it wasn't that complexed but it had enough mythological and technological things to keep my interest!

If I were to have any complaints about this book, which I hate saying complaints so let's say changes, it would be to have a few more twists and turns in it. Now, issue #2 is on it's way so maybe I'll get my twists but only time will tell! I honestly felt like I predicted a lot but that might be because I was really into the book.

Next up is "Adversity is Necessary".

Talk about quick and to the point, this story brings you action, suspense and mystery all in a few pages! I think my favorite character would have to be Ari simply because he is a talking gnome that speaks in third person. I also really enjoyed the action we get when Jami was running from the mystical beasts and had to use her powers to escape! I will admit that I was thrown off a bit by the change of artwork, but not so much that I was disinterested. The only "change" I would make would be the length of this story. I left wanting more and of course with issue #2 coming soon, I will probably get more!

Overall, I am thankful and blessed to have been able to read Ryan Drost's work and a huge shoutout to Jamie Drost for sending me this great book! From the artwork to the connection with the characters, "Stealth Hammer #1" gets a 4.5/5!

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