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The Harbinger #2

After a great issue #1, writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing are back with Robbi Rodriguez doing artwork and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou as the letterer for "The Harbinger #2"! Valiant Entertainment has released their second issue of a run that has become one of my favorites and when I read this issue, I was hyped! Let's review!

When I think of the overall story and plot of this run, I see it as the little devil and little angel on your shoulders trying to tell you what to do and how to do it. We continue our story with Peter Stanchek who really has no idea who he is due to his memory being wiped. Something I really love about these issues is that when a certain person is talking, the text bubble is red and when Peter is talking it is blue. It's common but it's so helpful when you are trying to distinguish who is talking to who. Issue #2 makes the reader understand that Peter was once deemed as a villain or a bad person and now, since his memory has been wiped, he is trying to do good in the world. So when you see the police and the news talking about Peter, they call his evil or bad and even though we, the reader, have only read about his past we truly don't know what he's done. We get introduced to a new character named Young Ago who is a psiot like Peter who is kind of like an antenna and whatever he says, people pay attention to him. Young Ago is trying to stop a police raid and also trying to let Peter escape, but Peter thinks he is doing good so he lets himself up and the police detain him. But the real goal was to get Peter away so the superheroes could swoop in a take care of the other psiot's like Young Ago. The team called The New Harada enter the scene and take control. This team is made up of The Badge, Blam, Lethean, Overwatch and Futurist. I hope we get to see more of this team and their backstory because they have some really interesting names and powers! Peter tries to take The New Harada down but it becomes a numbers game and the heroes take control and leave with the other psiot's memory to their HQ and Peter is left defeated and no where to run. Our good friend Cici is there to let Peter in and they now have a plan and that is to make a disguise and take down The New Harada!

Overall I think this issue did a lot for me and made me want more! I find it easy to root for Peter Stanchek and you almost feel bad for him and what happened to him but on the flip side, you know he was once a bad person so it's a double edged sword really! The introductions of new characters is always great in my mind, but when we learn their backstory then it'll get real interesting from there! "The Harbinger #2" gets a 4.5/5 from me!

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