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The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #1 review!

Back at it again with another comic book review, and today we have DC's "The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox" #1 written by Matthew Rosenberg! Now before I get into my review, I must say that I read this book right before a nap which means I will probably reread it when issue #2 drops. Let's get into it!

Ah, this book was an interesting read. When you hear the name Joker one would automatically think of Batman, and that is exactly what I did. I fell into the trap at my comic shop of reading the title and seeing the wonderful cover art done by Chip Zdarsky and immediately thought "a Batman and Joker book, I will LOVE this!" Now I will say that I love trying to figure out if The Joker is telling the truth or not while he is being investigated for something that I will not be spoiling, but it really takes you into his mind and you get to see what he is telling you to see and it's up to you as the reader to believe him or not. It all sounds confusing but it makes sense when you read this book and understand what's at stake here. I also love the fact that we get to see so many Batman heroes and villains in this book! I'm talking Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Two-Face, Nightwing, Ivy and even Robin all made appearances! Before you start freaking out and thinking this is an amazing scene in the book, it really isn't and honestly you only get to see the heroes for like a split panel and the villains don't act...well...evil. But, I do love seeing characters like that pop up in books because I am a huge fan of cameos and when characters interact with each other! This book is a mystery and even though we are only on issue #1, I am intrigued with how this thing will play out!

At first, I was only interested in the cover art and I thought I had an idea on what the book was about but once I got into it and realized what it was, I was pleasantly surprised! I want to keep the story going and keep the mystery going in issue #2, but for now "The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox" #1 gets a 3.5/5

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