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The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #2 Review

Another piece of the puzzle is being sculpted and put together as "The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #2" gives us more details in this long and drawn out mystery book. Written by Matthew Rosenberg and art work done by Jesus Merino, Keron Grant and Dani, this issue asks the question "who done it?" Let's review!

I'll be honest with you all, I was on the edge of picking up issue #2 only because the last issue only grabbed my attention because of the abundance of characters we had all together in one book. I was hoping they would return in the second issue and we would see why they were all there and sure enough we got that. Like I mentioned at the top, this issue was centered around a murder and the GCPD (Gothem City Police Department) has to figure out the common questions like who and why. Mind you, The Joker is telling us and the GCPD everything that went down but let's be honest...do you really trust the clown? I really think this run is doing a good job at reminding us that these villains are evil and can double cross anyone at anytime and when a very intriguing puzzle piece is up for grabs, nobody is safe. I wont dive too deep in the book, but we really are centralized around Black Mask (Roman Sionis), Two-Face (Harvey Dent) and Harley Quinn all trying to get this puzzle piece and let's just say things get crazy between Sionis and Dent. The GCPD are doing all they can to crack these villains and nothing is happening until Sionis decides to talk. He tells them what we all are thinking and that is "why the heck are you listening and trusting the word of The Joker?!" Before he spills the beans, his lawyer walks in and the issue stops there.

This issue was definitely better and got my excited for issue #3, but I still want to know why this puzzle piece is so important and why these villains are after it! This run is seven issues long so we're kind of in that period of hurry up but also stay with what you're doing type feel. I always find it interesting when more than one artist works on a book and sometimes the different styles and lines will clash together, but this issue did a good job at making it all look good! My one main issue is that I don't like how The Joker looks in this run. I'm used to more a rugged, mean and beat up Joker but this one looks happy and smiling and ready to comply...something's up with him.

Overall, issue #2 was really enjoyable and a fun read. I hope they get more into the story and tell us why this puzzle is so important in the later issues, but telling us these villains will do anything to get it really tells us how important it is. "The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #2" gets a 4/5!

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