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The United States of Captain America #1 review!

Hello everyone, Jt here to give you my review of United States of Captain America #1! I will be reviewing each issue as they drop and give you all my thoughts on it! This book has two different stories inside; "You Brought Two Too Many" written by Christopher Cantwell and "Tracks" written by Josh Trujillo. I will go through each "chapter" and give my overall grade at the end!

These two stories were really good in my opinion. I loved the bond that Steve Rodgers and Sam Wilson have with each other and the back and forth jokes and jabs are great as well. The first story really introduces the main plot of this series and makes you think real hard about what the name Captain America truly means. I absolutely LOVED the introduction of Arron Fischer and his story in "Tracks". The character will and should impact the younger generation we have in the world right now and I find that to be a really powerful thing. I thought the pacing was pretty good and the action was a also good. My only compliant was at times the dialogue was a bit drawn out and made the story drag, but I still really enjoyed it! I think this is a series that people should read simply because it hits home and makes you feel like you can go out and be great!

Overall this book was a great read and I immediately had to see when issue #2 was releasing (which my review of that is out, go check it out). I give "The United States of Captain America" #1 a 4.5/5!

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