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The United States of Captain America #2 review!

Jt here to bring you my review of the second issue of "The United States of Captain America". Just like the first issue we have two stories in this book, "I See Great Things In Baseball" written by Christopher Cantwell and "Hometown Hero" written by Mohale Mashigo.

Let me start off by sayin that we are two books into this series and it's starting to become one of my favorites! In issue #1 we meet Arron Fischer who told Steve Rodgers and Sam Wilson that there were more "Captains" and he wasn't lying! In this issue we get to meet Nichelle Wright who is a boss in this entire book! From helping her town to being broken out of jail by Steve and Sam, Nichelle is awesome. She is a bold, do it herself kind of person but also has a big heart and just like Arron, she wants to do good. She is a former gymnast which I truly believe could be a bonus when it comes to fighting crime but that's just me. I really like how so far issues #1 and #2 have given us background stories of these new characters and at the end of this issue, it connects the two and I love that! Two things I absolutely loved in this book were Sam's new suite and Steve's new shield because they both made me say "Wow" out loud. This issue really furthers the story with the two mystery figures who get revealed at the end, but it's a great reveal! The action was better in this one but that pacing again had it lulls but I know once the series is over, I'll be rereading these books!

Issue #2 of "The United States of Captain America" is just a further example that the meaning behind the shield means more then what people realize. Doing the good and right thing goes a long way! This issue gets a 4.5/5!

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