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The United States of Captain America #3 Review

It's been so long since I did a review on this run and let me tell you, this issue is my absolute favorite of the three that are out now! Just like the other issues, we have two stories in this one issue and they are "Lookin' For Uncle Sam" written by Christopher Cantwell and at by Dale Eaglesham and "People Like Us" written by Darcie Little Badger and art by Matt Milla. I love this issue, so let's not wait any longer...let's review!

Leaving off from issue #2, Sam and Steve are on the chase for the speedster who they have figured out is Speed Demon and it looks like they are in the canyons somewhere. We later find out that Cap and Sam are in Kansas and they need to find another "Captain" because they might be in trouble. Before we continue, I need to say that the banter between Steve and Sam is fantastic. Feels very genuine. The heroes meet Joe Gomez, a Native American maintenance man in the Kickapoo reservation in Kansas who, just like Nichelle and Arron, wants to help and do good things. Personally, Joe is my favorite Captain so far, but I enjoy them all! You can really sense the good in Joe and how he truly wants to help his people and he will do whatever it takes! Joe takes Steve into what looks like a shrine of Captain America and of course this makes Steve very emotional. The three talk about their plan and what to do next with stopping Speed Demon and the German woman (who we will find out who she is later on). Joe has this great line where he runs upstairs and Cap asks where he's going and Joe turns his head and says "To suit up" and that made me scream! Joe rocks this Native American tribe outfit that is Red, White and Blue and it looks fantastic. The three Captains all get ambushed by the German woman who we find out is none other than Sinthea Shmidt, the daughter of The Red Skull!!!! That reveal blew my mind that I had to stop reading and pick my self up. Steve thinks he's got Shmidt down for the count until some huge guy knocks him, Sam and Joe all out and the bad guys leave. It all leads up to this rally in Topeka where Speed Demon is there to cause trouble but just as he throws the shield he stole, Bucky Barns steps in for the save! Y'all...this issue had it all! I mean, we get Joe who is great, we find out that Red Skull has a daughter and now we see Bucky...wow! Of course the bad guys get away and we leave off with Bucky joining Steve and Sam on the mission to stop Shmidt and Speed Demon! This main story is great and I am loving every second of it! From the new characters to the old ones, the surprises to the heartfelt moments. I cant wait for issue #4!

The second story is all about Joe Gomez and his backstory, which I did enjoy. Joe was just a construction man doing his job until the job site was attacked by one of the goons in The Wrecking Crew. Joe does all that he can to stop him and he actually does but not until he slips and starts to fall from the high swinging crane. But, the man who would one day become a Captain was saved by the man himself, Steve Rodgers and that is how Joe Gomez became the Captain America for his people.

Overall, I think it's safe to say that this issue is my favorite and I am so excited for the next one. The surprises and the story were my absolute favorite but I think Joe steals the show fo me! "The United States of Captain America #3" gets a 5/5!

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