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The United States of Captain America #4

Finally issue #4 has been released for "The United States of Captain America" with of course two stories in this book. Continuing with our main story in "I Hate When This Happens" written by Christopher Cantwell and then an origin story titled "The Halloween Party" written by Alyssa Wong, both of these stories were great with some great messages in them! Let's review!

Last we saw Steve and Sam meet Joe Gomez who was the Captain America in the Kickapoo reservation but they also met up with a familiar face in Bucky Barnes. Steve, Sam and Bucky all set out to look for Speed Demon and Sinthea Shmidt but the two villains are now with a new foe, Commander Krieger or Warrior Woman. This issue is probably my favorite not only because we meet a new villain, a new Captain and a new side character, but because we see the overall plan that Commander Krieger has and it's a wild one! Steve, Sam and Bucky all meet at this cabin when all of a sudden we see Arron appear with a new captain named Arielle (we'll learn more about her in the story "The Halloween Party"). Steve and Bucky then take off to a local bar to recruit more help by talking to none other than John Walker aka U.S. Agent! I'm so excited to see all these characters team up and take down Commander Krieger and her evil plan, but just seeing these characters who all once went by "Captain America" is really cool! We finally see what the evil plan is when the villains of our story break into Norad. Norad is a secret base that keeps something very dangerous at bay but with Cap's shield being in the wrong hands, the villains now have control. The heroes are on the way to Norad to stop the evil deed when Steve tells them that what Norad is holding is Hate-monger...a living psychoactive energy derived from Adolf Hitler's consciousness! My reaction was a wide eye stare the shaking of my head because that is was villainous stuff right there! The heroes and villains all meet in the containment area that hold hate-monger and U.S. Agent throws a massive punch that lands on Speed Demon. We then lean that Speed Demon was being brain washed to do all this evil and had no idea what was going on. The rest of them fight and when the dust settles, Sinthea is captured and Commander Krieger has released the hate-monger! Quick thought on this was that everyone is in trouble and they were all screwed, but Bucky and U.S. Agent made me think otherwise because they have Speed Demon who is willing to spill the beans!

Next in the issue is "The Halloween Party" which is basically Arielle's origin story in a way. We see that Arielle is a college student who is getting ready for a party and before she goes, her friend is sad and upset because the party is at a guy's house that has physically hurt her and stole her phone. Arielle has a plan to get him back so she goes to the party and sneaks into the boys room to only be ambushed by this guy. Arielle fights back and retrieves her friends phone AND the guys phone to leak things about him to the school newspaper. When it's all said and done, Arielle had this plan from he get go and all of her friends were in on the plan!

Overall I think issue #4 is my absolute favorite so far. I love the introductions to new villains and the new Captain, and I love seeing the appearance of U.S. Agent teaming up with Steve, Bucky and Sam! I also can't forget to talk about the kindness of Arielle by helping her friend and being brave to get back what someone stole, that is a true Captain America move! "The United States of Captain America #4" gets a 5/5!

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