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The United States of Captain America #5

The review is actually a sad one as we are finally at the finale for the amazing run that is "The United States of Captain America". Christopher Cantwell has done a phenomenal job at bringing the icon name that is Captain America to all walks of life and all different types of people. In this last issue, we only have one story this time that is titled "Oh Captains! My Captains!" which is written by Cantwell, art work done by Dale Eaglesham, colorist by Matt Milla and letterer by VC's Joe Caramagna. Like I said earlier, this is the final issue and man has it been a GREAT run! Let's review!

Well, that was the most awesome ending to a comic run I've ever read! We continue the story with Steve, Sam, John. Speed Demon, and locked up Sinthea Shmidt all at a secret base watching a broadcast of some government people debating on of Captain America was a good person and if the country should trust him or not. That question alone seems silly right? It's Captain America...C'MON! Anyway, we also see that Bucky and Arielle go to find ally in Captain Jeremy Merrick to help with everything because he was a helping hand in capturing Adolf Hitler's conscience (Hate-monger) in the cube that we saw last issue. Steve finds out that Commander Krieger and Hate-monger are using his precious shield as a mesmerizing tool to brainwash the citizens of the United States into hating and despising the name "Captain America". Like typical comic fashion, Sinthea breaks free and goes to be with her fellow villains but instead of following her, Steve, Sam and John all go to where the signal is being shown. Bucky, Arielle and Jeremy all realize that where Steve and his group is heading is a trap but right before they could contact Steve, a bomb goes off and knocks out Sam, John and Steve. The trio wake up captured by our villains but who comes to save the..no, to SAVE AMERICA; it's ALL the "Captain Americas" that we've met and even some new ones! I'm talking Arron, Joe, Nichelle, Arielle, John, Jeremy, Sam, Bucky and much more! The day is saved and Arron ends the fight by telling America over the broadcast that no matter what you look like, people have our back!

I would be lying if I said I didn't smile after this issue because honestly I was smiling hard after this! I loved seeing all the "Captain Americas" get together and save the day. I love the message that was sent and it was truly inspiring! Overall, "The United States of Captain America #5" gets an easy 5/5!

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