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What If the Avengers Had Fought Evil During the 1950's?

This issue of What If is very simple and not complex at all so it's easy to understand. Written by Don Glut and art done by Alan Kupperberg and Bill Black, this What If was one that made me think about how things could've been and what changes would be made for the rest of our beloved characters! Let's review!

Now, everyone knows who The Avengers are but some might not know that there are many adaptations of this team. In this issue we see new faces and names be brought together to fight evil just like every Avengers team does. We start off be seeing Iron Man showing the other members (Captain America, The Vision, Thor and Beast) a different world that is set in the 1950's and how The Avengers were formed then by F.B.I Agent Jimmy Woo. Upon reading, I found it interesting that Jimmy Woo was the one to start The Avengers and not Nick Fury or whoever else gets them together. Jimmy Woo just doesn't come off as a boss/leader type to me so that threw me off. Agent Woo assembles his team of 3-D Man, Marvel Boy, The Human Robot, Venus, and Gorilla-Man. Now, I know what you're thinking and yes, those names are ridiculous but hey, its the 50's so they fit. The Avengers are here to stop the evil Yellow Claw who is becoming stronger and stronger. Yellow Claw isn't alone as he has his own supervillain team that consists of The Great Video, Skull-Face, The Russian Assassin Electro and the Cold Warrior. Yes I know, the names but this is what we're dealing with. The rest of the story is simple and goes like this; the good beats the evil and the president is happy with the group and everyone wins... wooo! I do find it interesting that The Avengers from the 50's mirror The Avengers we know about now. 3-D Man is like Captain America, Marvel Boy is Iron Man, Gorilla-Man is Beast, Human Robot is The Vision and Venus is Thor. Both teams are different yet very similar in specific ways. It made it easier to read once you see that the 50's Avengers are just like the original. The only real issue I had with this story was how bland it was. Yes, we got new characters that form a famous team but it is essentially like replacing what you already had wit something new. It honestly reminded me of the first episode in the Disney+ animated series "What If..?".

Overall, I enjoyed the book and I think the idea of What If is fascinating to say the least. I would only change a few things with the story to make it more suspenseful, but that's it. The character names are kind of ridiculous but it's Marvel and we know some names can be that way. "What If the Avengers Had Fought Evil During the 1950's?" gets a 3/5!

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