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What If the World Knew That Daredevil Is Blind? Review

Now this What If was really interesting but also make you second guess how smart some of these villains are. Written by Don Gut and art work by Jim Mooney, we're back with another What If comic review! Let's review "What If the World Knew That Daredevil Is Blind?"

In one universe, Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day and the superhero Daredevil by night. Two separate and completely different lives that have only one similarity, Matt Murdock is blind. Now, us as the readers already knew this, but somehow Daredevil keeps that a secret while he's fighting crime in New York City. I will say that people in NYC know Matt Murdock and see his face and they know he's blind, but Daredevil wears a mask and goes out in the dark so not a lot of people really "see" him as this superhero. This book starts off like any other issue where an enemy attacks and Daredevil is there to help save the day...by himself (that's important). However, in this alternate world the same events happen but the Amazing Spider-Man is there to help! Let me set the scene for you real quick in reality one; the villain Electro is doing some bad things, Daredevil steps in and beats him, the end. Now, in reality two the same events happen but Electro throws a flashbang type attack at Daredevil and Spider-Man and realizes that the only way Daredevil could keep moving with such agility and Spider-Man is down is because the flashbang wouldn't work on someone who was blind. The two heroes eventually take down Electro but not before Electro calls out Daredevil for being blind in which Spider-Man thinks is false so he laughs it off but Daredevil confirms Electros statement. Now you are officially up to speed on how the world knows that Daredevil is blind. I found this interesting because most villains throw some kind of bomb or something to catch their enemies off guard but why wouldn't they throw something like a flashbang to immobilize whoever heir fighting. MAYBE this was just luck that Electro had and if it was luck, he should hit up some slot machines. The story actually continues because now that the world knows, so do villains who want to step up and come out of the shadows, which is exactly what The Owl does. I've typed a lot and you've read a lot so I will make the rest of the story as quick as I can, here we go. The Owl sets up a machine that hurts Daredevil's other senses. They try to rob Matt's office where Karen Page is at (that's Matt's girlfriend). Daredevil saves the day and Karen finds out Matt's secret. Weeks past and Karen keeps telling Matt about this doctor who can cure his blindness and Matt accepts the appointment. Matt and Karen fly to see this doctor and the procedure is complete and as Matt is waking up, The Owl attacks. In a crazy scenario, Daredevil saves everyone and the doctor know knows Matt's secret. Matt thinks the procedure didn't work because he was still blind but eventually he is able to see and retires as Daredevil. I must add that the procedure also took away Matt's super keen senses, so in other words Matt is now a regular human being.

Wow...that was a lot but like I mentioned earlier, very interesting. The story does stay suspenseful but there is some lags and slower parts in it. Ever since I found out about the Daredevil character, I always wondered why he never tried to fix his blindness, and now I know! Overall, I think his issue was more interesting and had more at stake but it's still good. "What If the World Knew Daredevil Is Blind?" gets a 3/5!

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