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What If...Zombies?!

Spoiler Free Review!

Let's be honest here, it's about time Marvel gave us some zombies! If you're a comic fan then you know that zombies have played a role in the Marvel world, but now we have them in the MCU...well, not live action but you get what I mean. Episode five of "What If..? brings us the zombies and I'm here to tell you my thoughts! I'll be your guide in the Marvel zombie apocalypse so let's review!

To kick start our journey, we have to make sure to mention the same ups and downs of this entire season it seems like and those are: animation is great, the voice actors are great, but the length is really short. Those have been consistent throughout five episodes and I don't see that changing. Now, on to this specific episode...zombies. I really liked this episode. It was a fun and wild ride to see the where our heroes were going and who would make it on the way there. The team that we are with for the majority of the show is really fun and a team I would've never thought to assemble. I think what helps this team is all the interactions we get and funny, witty banter we see and how it all fits together. I won't say who is on this team because of spoilers, but it's an interesting group for sure. Another thing I really enjoyed was that we get to be with the characters who are, for lack of better words, sidekicks or B list heroes. If you've seen the episode then you know what I mean, but if you haven't then just think of all the sidekicks and other heroes from the MCU and those are who we are with from the beginning. I also thought that the way the zombies came about made sense and Marvel Studios could easily bring that into live action and I hope they do. Zombies have always been known to come from the dead and while that's still true in this episode, the way the outbreak started was interesting. There are more good than bad in this episode, but there is still some bad. Talking about zombies, the fact that these in this episode were intelligent and could fight and use the weaponry was fantastic.

For the not so good things. First we need to discuss the pacing and how at times it felt like the story was rushing to get to the end and then we get to a slow stoppage point. Secondly, as much as I love the interaction and banter between character there towards the end it did get a bit much and kind of bogged down the episode. Lastly, and this isn't really a bad thing but c'mon now, I really wanted more. You have Zombie Cap, Zombie Iron Man, zombie....I wont say anyone else, but you have so many interesting fights that could've happened and I just felt like I wanted more! Now they did leave the door WIDE open for a possible end of the season return and boy if they did that...I feel real bad for our heroes!

I need to add this in here but seeing Chadwick Boseman playing Black Panther was phenomenal and there is a speech he gives in this episode that really hits home and was so powerful. Go watch it to find out.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and it had some great things in it. The team that were with and the interaction between then is great but the pacing and the feeling of wanting more does hurt it. "What If...Zombies?!" gets a 7.5/10!

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